Instrumentation Music

Instrumentation Music

hello everybody. i am trying to fully understand arguments on instrumentation in worship in the church. i looked up a number of places that talk about worshiping in the new testament, and when i looked at the word in eSword, it was "psallo". it defined it as:

Probably strengthened from ψάω psaō (to rub or touch the surface; compare G5597); to twitch or twang, that is, to play on a stringed instrument (celebrate the divine worship with music and accompanying odes): - make melody, sing (psalms).

it seems to me that this word means basically to make music (with instrument and/or voice) especially considering the word it comes from. i read stuff online, and it says that scholars say it really just means sing (with your voice), but i can't add that up. instruments were quite common in Jewish culture both in worship and out since David's time. why do people say that instruments were completely devoid from the new testament? and what is their proof? is there actually proof that the original Christian church didn't use instruments? i don't see anything in the New Testament that says they didn't, but maybe there are other historical documents that do? i would love some actual evidence because it seems like everybody is just taking what they believe and making up stuff to support it and i can't sort out the facts from the rest.

if you think what you say is controversial, please pm it to me instead of posting it. i don't think there are rules against what you can pm other people. thank you everyone.



Wether the old church did or not, there's nothing wrong with it. They never used overhead projectors. They never used electronic mics. When I'm worshiping in church I often wish I was the guy on the drums. When you're in the spirit worshiping the Lord, dancing or playing an instrument can be just like speaking in tongues. It's expressive. Worship is inside.

Or was that not really the question?
When the worship band in Church are playing praise and worship, its not supposed to be a show or a performance, weather your playing the drums, singing down the microphone, playing the electric guitar or stood in the congregation worshipping the Lord, everyone is playing a part if it were for worshipping the Lord, the drummer, while not singing with praises is still worshipping the Lord with playing the drums, same as the electric guitarist, he may not be singing, but he is worshipping the Lord through his guitar.
Instruments also carry annointings.