Interesting thought I had the other day...

Interesting thought I had the other day...

sooooo I tend to be very analytical when it comes to the bible. Not skeptical, not unbelieving, but just.. well, analytical. Now here's a thought that popped in my head recently..

Ok, so God told adam and eve to not eat from the tree of good and evil, for they will surely die, right?

Ok buuuttttt(that's but, not butt, lol) since they were the first people to ever exist, how could they even know what it means to die? I mean, in today's terms, you tell a kid to not smoke because they'll get addicted, they do it anyway, but perhaps becaus they don't know what it feels like to be addicted...

so since they had no clue of what it felt like or meant to die, how could they know that is was a bad thing? granted, if God says don't do something.... don't do it!!!! but still.. being the ONLY thing god ever said to not do and being the first people ever, they didnt have much of an example to go on.

ahh, I always overthink things..
I love analytical minds. Ask all your questions to the Lord in prayer. He will answer all. Some may take years (because you wouldn't be able to understand the answer if it was given now). Some immediate. I will attempt to assist your understanding.

When a man dwells deep in sin, he cannot see the depth of his own sin. Only after he is cleansed, his eyes are opened and can see the sin. A good example would be teaching sin to a sinner vs. a believer. It is much easier to explain sin to a believer.

Adam heard it before he fell into sin. I think he understood death better than a sinner. But how much he understood I don't know. All I can see is that his understanding was good enough to stay away from the fruit if he really wanted to keep the Father's word. Exactly how much he knew no one can tell you. That's why you need to ask the question to the Lord. He will teach you everything. When you learn from the Lord, explain to me what you learned.

Good question dannyb785. God required Adam to believe in his word by faith, so even though Adam had no understanding of the full impact of death (although I'm sure he knew it sounded really bad!) through faith he would rely completely on the word of God for his salvation.
Yes, God makes them understand. Think in terms like eternity. God was around FOREVER. We don't understand that now, but on our new bodys will will be able to grasp the concept. Everything on earth has a start and a finish, so we assume that God HAD to have had the same. It isn't until we die that we understand alot of things

Perhaps God granted Adam and Eve some extra understanding.


True, they never experienced the death of, or losing someone else.
I often think that God may have meant "die in spirit" as we all know they did not physically die. And GOD does not lie!
But their spirits surely were dragged in the dirt through much suffering after that.
We all know what it feels like to have a dead spirit within us before we knew Christ and were given salvation!