Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud

Have been fighting five unauthorized charges to my bank account credit card (two companies involved - one I never heard of). This has taken me to the Bank and our local police department. The bank recovered three of the five. Watch your electronic banking account frequently as there is a time limit on backcharges through credit cards.

Internet fraud is reported up 33 percent just last year. If you are having a fraud problem - here is a source of contact with government law enforcement.




Amen and thanks Larry. I had similar issues once before and it took some work to straighten out.
I opened a special checking account, since it is at my bank there is no fee for the account.
I don't buy checks, and the only thing I ever use it for is Internet purchases.

I keep one dollar in the account and I have a Visa Debit card for it.
When I want to make an online purchase, or anytime I ever authorize a debit, I transfer the exact amount into that account and then I use the Visa Debit card exactly like any other Visa.

My bank is real time, so I can make the transfer via the Internet 24/7 and the transfer is immediate but the debit card will not allow an overdraft, therefore the most I could ever lose would be one dollar.

Maybe that would be a helpful solution for someone else too. :)