Into the digital house of God.

Into the digital house of God.

Hello everyone, dont get me wrong, i just like to see the fun side of being a christian every so often, but when it comes dowwn to it, i'll be totally straigtforward and commited. I'm not the brightest bulb of the bunch but i read the bible and believe what it says.
Look forward to joining you guys in discussions about christian isues and all that jazz. Theres only one thing i don't like, thats eople using the word of God for their own personal gain and misinterperatting the words He has given us.
If there is one thing i've leant in this life, I exist to make God look good, to give Him ALL the glory, everything is His anyway.

If we are living on this earth to use God as a crutch or a walking stick, then we are glorifiying man. But if we give everything to Him, and know that God loves God more than us, and we owe it to Him to give Him all the glory, then we are truly the Sons of the living God.

Well thats it...for now, see ya guys n the threads!:cool:


Brother Voon welcome to our little family- I look forward to talking to you !
Hey Brother Voon! You're in Scotland! I like the idea of having a Scottish resident in on our family here. Welcome! I look forward to hearing your side of things in our discussions.

God Bless,