Intouch Daily Devotional

"The Fruit of Perseverance" is perhaps the most essential trait for humans to hold on in life. It feeds our hearts with peace, contentment, and tranquility as long as we are dedicated to The Lord. The amount of time and energy we spend in perseverance for Lord Jesus leads Jesus to share His humility into our hearts because we cannot suffer alone. Only He knows how much we have suffered in life. Only He knows The Way through all the sufferings we do in life. We cannot attain perseverance without Jesus Christ, who helps us through our sufferings. For He knows how much suffering we can handle in life and thus would never let us suffer more than we can handle. So much of my life can be traced back to the perseverance, determination, and pure guts I have grasped to see through all the sufferings I have experienced in life. I am absolutely thankful that Jesus Christ is in my life knowing how much I have experienced and continue to experience for Jesus, who is my Savior, Redeemer, Messiah, and Lord. For without Him, I am nothing, not even dust! Perseverance is one trait that everybody needs because it gives us all spiritual and emotional support that Jesus Christ provides to His children, who Believes and Trust in Him.