Intro Of Amxprod (daniel Amx)

Intro of Daniel (AMx)

Hello all. I am here to introduce myself and would like to also say I am a freelance writer whom hopes to inspire the world and educate people of the truth of today's world. The truth of our current state, the truth of God's existence, and the reality of Christ's Love.

I am a writer who takes innovative approaches to explaining many things; including the lost truth. I use a "backwards digging plan" to form a connection from science to religion. But the connection is that science doesn't work or make sense without religion. To better understand this read some of my articles which will be listed at the bottom of this introduction.

I also directly and harshly (harshly=because of being direct) inform the truth. I also create visual representation (that is, ideas and words that spark images and emotion), in order to represent the truth.

I also am an expert on herbal medicine, and I am very very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body and the brain and drugs etc.

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I also have a video on youtube titled : Who is the Anti-Christ.
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Please read my articles and watch the video and any feedback is very welcome !
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Who is the Anti-Christ ? - YouTube (Who is the Real Anti-Christ)