Invitation to all business owners and workers


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Invitation to all business owners and workers

Guess what? Because I have a bit of interest in business related topics and thats what I am studying at the moment. I thought, I should create a forum based on that.

So here it is: Business Forum Site - Powered by vBulletin :D
Join to talk business. You can invite your boss and colleagues at work. ;) It might help you stay in touch with your work friends.


Thanks for the link. I have registered on behalf of a friend who has a photography bussiness and is a professional photographer and is a Christian. He asked me to find out more information as he is really interested in posting his information and especially having Christian clientel. He has written two books and has over 30 years of experience and has photographed many dignitaries.

This is his web site.

Klaus Bohn
"feeling more deeply about photography"