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Ipod Question

My sister has an Ipod Touch, and since she got a new laptop she doesn't have any of her hudreds of Ipod songs on it, and says she can't even add more to her touch, or it'll sync with the computer, in turn taking everything off of her ipod and deleting it. I wanted to put some videos of our nephew on her ipod, but she said we can't for that reason.

Is there a way around this? She said there's a program she used, but without buying it you can only transfer 10 songs to your computer with the trial version.

How silly is that? A huge drawback from MP3 players like I've owned and used like flash drives.


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I think it would only sync if you have itunes on the new laptop and you have configured it to sync automatically without permission. There's surely an option on the laptop to disallow automatic syncing but you'll have confirm that with someone.

This may be useful but this requires you to connect the ipod first (which may remove the songs like she said):
Prevent your iPod Touch from automatically syncing when you plug in the device to your computer.
1. With the iPod Touch connected to the computer, select the device in iTunes.
2. Click the Summary tab.
3. Uncheck the box Open iTunes when this iPod is connected.
Now you can sync the device only when you want to by clicking the Sync button in the lower right corner of the window.
Source: iPod Touch: Disable Automatic Syncing | Technipages

Just confirm with an expert how you can disable auto-syncing without connecting your ipod.
Also, Since she can do this but all her songs will not be on the computer, you can go into the ipod folder under My Computer, and with hidden files showing, go through the folder till you find all the music, they will be called strange names, but once you copy them onto your computer and you put them into itunes all the original names will come back.

Its basically what the software does, but free and manual.