Is It Ever Okay To Lie?

There is a tiny fraction of christians who claim to be 'saved', but hardly has the fruits of the spirit (Gala 5:22-23). In such cases the claim 'saved' could be a lie!
You cannot dictate the relationship between an another's individual and God. You can never tell which person is saved or not. You don't know what's in their hearts.
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One version of the Ten Commandments recognizes at least three kinds of lying like fraud, perjury, and deception.

In Moby Dick, Herman Melville insists that a whale is a fish. I suspect that was due to his lack of understanding, not due to any malice, so he didn't lie about the nature of whales. He just did not understand about whales. Or if he did misrepresent the nature of whales, then it would be some kind of false image, which could be forbidden by the first or second commandment. I'm not sure which.

Deception or fraud would be saying that the camel is loaded with the Balm of Gilead when it is really loaded with rocks, so that people invest in the camel train when it has no chance of a profit. This kind of false intent is forbidden by the commandment which forbids taking the Lord’s name. Don't swear to God that you love me, when you really love Becky Thatcher or Amy Lawrence. If you say that you intend to deliver the load Balm to Egypt, then you should attempt to fulfill that contract.

If you do fail to deliver the load of Balm to Egypt, then you must testify truthfully about the reasons. Were the camels loaded with rocks or did thieves steal the Balm?

If my mother has a hideous new dress, and she asks if I think that it is pretty, then I will be polite. I won't debate about whether that could be lying, and if Immanuel Kant doesn't like that then so be it. Actually, I don’t know much about Kant, but as I understand, he had odd ideas about truth.
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I think a distinction should be made between a deliberate deception and a well-intentioned falsehood intended to lift someone's spirits or make them feel good about themselves. I wouldn't term the latter as a "lie" exactly. It's more of a loaded word than "falsehood" but I wouldn't use the two words interchangeably.
Lying. Something I just don't do.
Some things we are asked are no one's business.
Some information demanded of us can endanger us in today's world.


If someone asks something of me that I see as none of their business, I tell them that it isn't any of their business, and I have not yet had that person persist in receiving an answer. If they did, that would be laughable.

But when it comes to such things as putting personal information out on the Internet, I don't tell the whole truth. In fact, I shade the truth. Thinking more deeply about this, I do not give out certain demanded information, actually changing it. I cannot purposely take this risk.