Is it evil to pray with candles?

Is it evil to pray with candles?

I just got a pack of candles to pray with cuz I thought it may help. But I was wondering if any of u think this is anyway a form of the occult. Please give me your opions cuz if it is I wont use them.
It all depends on your intentions, how do you think candles will help?
Praying will candles certainly isn't evil in and of itself, but why do you feel you need them?

If you feel they enhance your ability to concentrate on God and seperate your thoughts from worldly distractions great...but if you tend to associate them with other things not pleasing to God then they will have a negative effect.

The answer to your question will be different for everyone, it all comes down to motives.
I agree with seekinghokmah.
If they bring you peace and quiet what could be wrong with them?
I think candles are very calming.

Just remember any prayer candles in themselves won't help your prayers reach heaven any better or faster...
only your heart and sincerity can do that.
I have a Home Candle Business so I have candles around all the time. Even though they may smell great, they do not influence my praying in any way. There is nothing wrong with candles, but they are not a tool for reaching God. Like was already mentioned in a previous post, prayer is a heart relationship.
agreed if you like them light them but don't expect them to help you reach God- He has already removed every obsticle and we can have the greatest peace and confidence when we pray to the Father in Jesus Name that He will always be attentive to our hearts cry!- many blessings- brother Larry
I think it's important to know why you want/need the candles. I know that several old-world Christian practices were HEAVILY based in the occult. Most of them have been abandoned by protestant churches, but some still exist. However, it's not entirely a problem. Even in the specific cases that the Bible DOES warn us about, it's nearly always because the occultish practices appeared TOO similar, and the warnings were designed to separate the Church from the occult.

So, candles, strange robes, and crosses are not inherently evil, such activities may be viewed as strange or scary. Likely to associate you very closely with the occult. People should see Christ in you, not ritual. Yeah, I do some things that link me closely to rock-n-roll and the goth movements, but even in those groups, I stand out as separate. And it's been a witness for me, because my friends know what I won't do. And they know, that I didn't have to change my appearance and my "likes" just because some guy in a suit told me too.

But with candles and stuff, it is trickier. If any of my goth friends would see me do something like that, that would ruin any testimony I have with them. yeah, they'd possibly accept my religion a bit more freely, but only because they would see it as watered down, and no more real than what they do.

So, if candles help you concentrate, or calm you down and help clear your mind of all your daily turmoil before going to the Lord in prayer, then more power to you. Just be very careful who sees the candles, and how you arrange them in between times.
Presumably you will outgrow the need for candles if it is simply a matter of aiding your concetration and mental seperation from worldly matters. It will ultimately be to your benefit to reach a point where you can pray effectively anywhere any time...not just when alone with candles.
We all need a crutch when we sprain an ankle...but hopefully we know when to loose the crutch - before we become over dependant on it and weaker as a result.
I agree completely. If a medical treatment is actually going to help you, you should need it less and less. If you need it more and more, then we call that an addiction.