Is it just me...

Is it just me...

or has anyone else ever watched a movie that a lot of people you know who liked it recommended it to you to watch; Yet after you watch it you do not like it for whatever reason: too vulgar, violent, Dark, cheesy, etc...

I watched the movie Fido the other day that is about zombies being used as workers/pets, after the zombie wars. The movies time line is during the fifties. My brother told me and my Mom that it is a funny movie, yet we did not find it funny after we watched it. We thought it was really dark.

Well my dad and other family members have started to watch it about 25 minutes ago, and my Father told me that It is not that dark and that it is funny.

Something sort of similar to this happened to me before. After I watched the movie There Will be Blood with my cousin; He told me that he liked it and thought it was a good movie. I myself did not like the movie and I told him that I did not like it because it was really Dark. He then told me " So? You like the movie Gangs of New York that is just like this." Well I was going to tell him that, No, it is not just like this because towards the end they see there sins, and why it was wrong. Yet I could not explain it to him because he got a call on his cell phone that was long -_-

Just 2 days ago I was watching on youtube different clips of America's funniest home videos, and other ones from other shows from other countries. A lot of them are funny yet some of them I think are not funny, Mainly ones where people appear to get hurt really badly. Examples: A guy is Skiing and crashes into a tree, Or a person attempting to do a back flip into a pool fails and lands on there head on the cement. I don't know this feeling feels strange when I get it; To make it easier to understand it would be as if Jesus is sitting next to me asking me " Why is another ones pain funny?" at least for the certain clips on the funny videos.

Does this happen to any of you? Maybe I am being to self conscious?


The flesh delights in anything extreme. Especially the pain of others.

People are in different places. For a while God made me really really sensitive. Any angry sounding music, and I was irritated and and uncomfortable. Now that's going away, and He's forming more of a strength and authority, now that He used that sensitivity to teach me some things.

Whenever I watch AFV the dumbest, least funny videos seam to win 1st place. They are usually BY FAR not the funniest ones shown. I don't know if it's rigged or if the majority there really has that different a taste from me.

Either way be who you are. Being sensitive to things you can see and learn things that the hardened won't. Wherever you are, ask that God be guiding you and yield to His ways.
I've noticed that a bit as well.

Especially on the AFV one, I havent seen it recently. but I did keep seeing a increase in the just icky videos. babies expelling from their mouths, or other gross things, and then those are said to be the funnyest! :confused:

And then the people who are dancin on a table but walk along the cloth thinking ther's stil ltable fall down and get a bump on the bum and ltos of laughter all around wasnt even in the top 3! :p

I always thought AFV only showed the videos where no one is seriously hurt. maybe a bruise or scrape though.

I love the videos where they throw those big foam planes and then it chases people. :D