Is Peace through HUMANITY the answer?

Is Peace through HUMANITY the answer?

I have some interesting parts of some REAL speaches that a REAL man has made to the floor of the House of Representatives last year. I will give a link to his web-site at the bottom of this posting. By the way, this man is running for president next year.

Five years ago today, on July 11, I introduced legislation to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence, which would employ the principles taught by Christ, Gandhi, Dr. King, Mother Teresa and others to create a new hope for violence-free homes, schools and communities through peace and character education, a new hope that through peace education we can even challenge the notion of the inevitability of war.
(Jul 11, 2006 - Speaking to the House Of Representatives)

"Now is the time to stop the disintegration into a world-wide conflict. "Now is the time to show the world that the United States is strong enough to be the leader in peace, not war. "Now is the time to call for an immediate cessation of violence in the Middle East. "Now is the time to commit United States diplomats to multi-party negotiations with no preconditions. "Now is the time to reaffirm our support for Israel by showing leadership in diplomacy. "Unilateralism breeds unilateralism.
(Jul 19, 2006 - Speaking to the House Of Representatives)

"How is it that even with the constant moral and financial support of our Nation, our friend and ally, Israel, is still not safe and secure. If we insist upon the security and survival of Israel, and we must, then we must also insist upon the security and survival of the Palestinians and the Lebanese. "We say we will never negotiate with those who have sworn to destroy us or our allies, but history shows us that every conflict was resolved by doing exactly that. We prepare for war so grandly; let us prepare for peace grandly by looking fearlessly and deep into the hearts of those who wish us harm, and find that spark of recognition that connects us to a common humanity and from that draw a flicker of hope to enkindle the warm glow of peace.
(Jul 20, 2006 - Speaking to the House Of Representatives)

Here is a little something that the biography page of his web site says about him:
He is a dynamic, visionary leader who combines a powerful activism with a spiritual sense of the essential interconnectedness of all living things. His holistic worldview carries with it a passionate commitment to public service, peace, human rights, workers rights, and the environment. His advocacy of a Department of Peace seeks not only to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our society, but to make war archaic. His is a powerful, ethical voice for nuclear disarmament, preservation of the ABM treaty, banning weapons in outer space, and a halt to the development of a 'Star Wars' - type missile defense technology.

And, he evan comes from humble beginings, as the Biography page of his website also states:
Kucinich was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 8, 1946. He is the eldest of 7children of Frank and Virginia Kucinich. He and his family lived in twenty-one places, including a couple of cars, by the time Kucinich was 17 years old. "I live each day with a grateful heart and a desire to be of service to humanity," he says.

Here is his website if anyone would like to check it out for themselves, I just thought it would be something pretty interesting considering his view on some things and the fact that he seems to be a man who does not really mention believing in any sort of God, and nobady seems to care.