Is Spanking Child Abuse?

Is Spanking Child Abuse?

From a general religious standpoint, it is not.

What do you think?

I believe that using NECESSARY -- keyword here -- force to restrain a child is acceptable. But i don't mean like whacking your kid upside the head -- I'm talking firm hand-holding, a little slap on the wrist or bum, that kind of "discipline". And of course trying to discipline with forms other than physical.

But as long as you don't really harm the kid, and they still know you love them and you're doing it for their own good, then I think it's okay.


It is not abuse. I think it works well to keep a child inline with behaviour otherwise you have some kids like the ones on television who need some sort of supernanny. The kids in phycological terms will still give out the same behaviour when he is older subconciously. The light slapping on wrist can completely remove someone away from doing something they should not. The kid develops an image of his parent ready to slap if he dares do it again. Also in Islam a child must pray from the age of 7. If he does not until the age 10 then from the age of 10 you are allowed to lightly slap your child to make him pray. After all you cannot be religious if you never pray.