Is There A Handbook?

God will reveal it to you , sometimes through others..or to you ...

When I got saved a couple of nights after my aunt saw me praying for people.
I have one at work that was put out by Billy Graham. It is intended for quick answers on the phone and listed by category. Oh! Here it is!

I have to admit that I haven't used it, but I can imagine using it some day. I work for a church, and most callers are not interested in theological answers but in our paying their rent, gas, electricity, etc. or in filling their gas tank, buying groceries for them, etc. It the ten or so years I have worked there, I have had maybe two - three callers who were interested in the L-rd and about four who wanted prayer over the phone.

Had one guy whom I told I had no access to church money, so he offered to drive his big ol' truck through my office! :speechless:

Had another who wasn't sure what he wanted, and he nearly died sitting outside the back door. I have not seen him since I called the ambulance.

Been cussed out solidly for not forking over $$$.

I have been ripped off because I am too sympathetic and used to be a real pushover.

But people are usually desperate when they call. Some just want me to put them over night, after night, after night.

I have been told that I need to give to whomever asks. Too often, I have done that, then was not able to give to someone who had a real need.

I've learned a lot, but I certainly don't know it all yet.
Obviously the Bible is our handbook for evangelism, but are there any good reference handbooks with a list of answers to questions unbelievers have when we are telling them about Christ? I know that the Holy Spirit tells us what to say in times of need, but I am often lead to specific verses that I have a difficult time finding, or I'm having trouble wording my responses.

I remember seeing something like this in a book store once and now I can't find it.

For a time I used the marked bible (I think it is a New Testament, the size of a wallet---and easily carried in one's pocket) that I bought through the ministry of William Fay, who came to our church a few years ago and taught us how to witness by not answering questions, but by gently leading the interaction with a non-believer by asking only a very few basic questions. It really is great!

His book, "Share Jesus Without Fear" is amazing and so full of common sense and great things we need to know when witnessing to a person who is doubtful, yet open to the truth.