Israel Palestine two state solution is the wrong decision

In the Middle-East has been wars and conflicts since the state of Israel had been formed 1948. The prophetic word of the Bible brings out how in the last days of mankind Israel and Jerusalem is like a cup of trembling (a cup of staggering) to Arab nations that are around of Israel. The Bible says that a cup of trembling describes deception and thoughts of destruction toward Israel.

Even if you don't believe in the Bible, so despite of it the text of the Bible has prophesied very accurately about 2500 years ago current situation in the Middle-East. It is sure that the prophecy of the Bible concerning to the Middle-East will come completely true. Recognizing of Palestinian state shall lead to deception and great war in the Middle-East in the last days of mankind.

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May 19, 2012
I don't disagree with your post PetriFB but I would say that the prophecies of the Bible will come true and I doubt that anything can change it at this late death. Particularly in the last few years, even purely secular folks have taken note of the "miraculous" protecting of Israel to date. Thousands of Israel's enemies have died and less than a 100 on Israel's side. I support Israel because I see it in scripture as God's Will.