Its like a pizza

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Its like a pizza

Christianity can be likened to a giant pizza- there are many slices with many different toppings on them but they all belong to the same whole. The difficulty comes in when an all pepperoni guy thinks a sausage slice cannot be a part. Because he has never tasted anything different then all other slices must be excluded.As long as we belong to the same pizza lets have a party- I have been enjoying sampling all the varieties one may find at CFS- many blessings Larry
Hey Brother Larry !!!!! Did you say party. I'm in . What we having pizza ???

To Brother Larry

Here's a thought... So if we are all like pizza and you have been enjoying all the varieties CFS has why not tell us what kind of pizza some of us would be from what you have been learning about us. Just for fun...

Start with me:

If I were a pizza, what kind would I be in your opinion?:D

Good ?, perhaps you would be a semi-charismatic pizza with a baptist/pentecostal background? Just a guess-
Good ?, perhaps you would be a semi-charismatic pizza with a baptist/pentecostal background? Just a guess-

I'm definitely a non-denominational, non-religious type, but I was talking about an actual pizza... The kind you eat... If I was a pizza, which kind do you think I'd be? Again, just for fun...

:D Well that is not exactly what I was talking about Laura but you would defintely be a DELUX PIZZA with all the toppings :D.
Brother Larry, very good way of putting Christianity!

And Laura knows what you mean, but you know she likes having fun.
And you did mentioned the pepperoni guy!!! :dance:

Laura, I would think of you as a fun pizza, a little pineapple, alot of spices and extra cheese!!!
You guys are definately making me hungrey and I don't know what kind of a pizza I would be...... Hmmmmm.

Dusty, you are a pizza with a little of everything on it to represent your adventurous spirit and life!
just make sure when a crazy topping comes in and says it's a pizza topping(like say, cottage cheese, i.e. mormons), you speak up and tell why cottage cheese is not a correct topping.

oh and cottage cheese randomly came to mind. if someone here would like cottage cheese on a pizza, just replace it with something you wouldn't like
Dusty you would be an exceptional pizza indeed! LOL!:D
Hmmmm....... You're laughing so don't know what that means. Exceptional you say.I guess you should know. Tee Hee.... Well if you saY so. :dance::dance::dance: I don't like to be put in a mold with everyone else so I guess that means I'm exceptional.

Now if only I could come up with something for you .:D:D:D

I got to think about that one . Let me sleep on it.
OK everybody..... Scratch your heads and lets come up with the kind of pizza Brother Larry would be.:dance::dance:

Oh I know..... A create your own type... Extrava--- ganzza :D:D:D:D

for the colourful kind of guy he is ..... Wooo Hooo !!!!
And for Violet it has to be creative....Hmmmm.... Maybe :)she would be a special veggie...... fresh green peppers,onions and tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and cheese.:):):) with maybe some Buffalo wings. not too hot.

Cause Violet is one special lady.