I've been given an interesting choice ..

Michael Collum

I've been given an interesting choice ..

So i won't go into details as to how it got to this juncture, but ..

i have a choice to choose between a self that i know works in dealing with people but is much less than godly and very "shrewd"

and the other choice is to just scrap the core and keep getting transformed ..

now from a theoretical level the choice would seem easy . but i know from experience most Christians would not be following the same example to the very core of their being .. so i may need to feel "alien" even around people i shouldn't?

nah . i know what i'm gonna do . i can't refuse an offer from God .. i want to be the new person .

feel free to pass on any advice that may come to you .

otherwise thanks for listening and praying .

love bless .

Hey Michael .... You answered your own question and I believe the choice you made is the best one. Praying for you , knowing that you are seeking God for answers and He will never let you down . Praise God , Michael and continue to walk in His footsteps because He has ordered them .

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.Psalm 119 :133

The psalmist requests that God guide his footsteps in Psalm 119. He asks that no sin be allowed to rule over him.