Jennifer Knapp Coming out of the closet

Jennifer Knapp Coming out of the closet

I just watched the video today of her interview with larry king on youtube.

I loved her undo me cd that came out years ago. This was a big shocker!
"The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable" (Romans 11:29).

She is STILL very talented and very gifted.

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Thanks for sharing the verse. She def is very talented. I still love all the songs I used listen to from her. The christian bookstores have now taken all her old cd's off the shelves. I guess they probably didn't have much of a choice.
When a christian is willing to allow their flesh to over take their morals and values their actualley lowering themselves to be just like an animal.I have dozens of men that have lost their wives and childern because of porn or because of they found another woman and I have met woman who has lost their husbands because they had an affair.Why are we lowering ourselves to be no better than animals?Why are so many christians now walking away from God because of money or fame?Isnt it amazing Christ was spit on,laughed at,rejected,abandond,slugged several times,whipped,crucified and than after all that rejected by God the father because his son Jesus became sin,but yet all my ever think about is getting our sexual needs met and making sure we get what we want out of life.What happened to humilty amongest christians?Have we become so cold and heartless that we have forgotten that Gods people will suffer?How can we put a price tag on some one so wonderful,awesome,loving,caring and beutiful.Lord Jesus please forgive this nation and this world for seeking after things that are meaning less,when we should be seeking after you.
Some churches allow and accept homosexuality these days. There are even homosexual ordained ministers. I'm not willing to go as far as that, but gays seem to have a special place in the mind of the church...and it's not a good place. It has become SO unaccepted that we will alienate them while we would attempt to minister to others. Reformed rapist? We'll help you. Former serial killer? We'll help you find Christ! But don't be gay because we don't want you in our church. There MUST be a better way to reach hurting people than to alienate them without accepting their lifestyle so completely that we turn it into a non-sin and make them pastors. We get beat up on this too many times.
I look at it this way. It's a sin, yes, but not a special sin. Because it's not special, we don't need to make excuses for it. Because it's not special, we don't need to fear it. We deal with it essentially the same as we would any other sin.
To be honest I'm not really sure its as simple as merely "being gay" that's the problem when it comes to church congregations. A homosexual orientation is simply a condition that exposes one to homosexual impulse and desire. It does not, and cannot, make people engage in homosexual behavior.
I don't think that gays "choose" to be gay. I don't think its possible to "choose" who you find attractive. Some gays claim their condition is genetic. There's no proof of that, and even if it were so, it wouldn't nessecarily mean its natural. Autism is genetic, but its not natural. Its a genetic defect. The homosexual condition may be the same way, especially considering the natural state of the human body does not have "parts" that are designed to accommodate homosexual activity. So a genetic defect sounds more plausible than the claim that homosexuality is natural to the human condition. Myself I think the homosexual condition may be developemental. At any rate, I don't think gays choose to be gay. Yet living out a homosexual lifestyle is entirely a choice.

There are a few places in the Bible that explicitly condemn things of a homosexual nature and, as far as I can tell, they all focus on homosexual behavior, not on the state of experiencing an impulse (temptation) to sin. So in the grand scheme of things I don't think it matters what a person's orientation is, or how they got it, but rather what they do with it. Simply experiencing an unwelcome impulse or temptation to sin is not itself a sin. The Bible says that Christ experienced the temptation to sin in Hebrews 4:15 , yet it said that He never sinned. Now, endulging in the tempting thoughts and wilfully engaging in fantasy about committing a sin is the same as committing the sin itself ( Matthew 5:28 ). But if a person truly loves Christ and has a condition, be it a genetic defect, or a developmental issue, and he or she struggles with the temptations that his/her condition brings, and they choose to fight the urge and live a chaste life for Christ, then that's a truly amazing committment to Christ.

So I don't think that anyone ought to be put out of his/her congregation simply for experiencing the urge to sin. If that were the case we all ought to be kicked out, since we all feel the urge to commit many sins on a daily basis. However, if the person has chosen to live out a sinful lifestyle and ignore God's commandments and submits to the urge to sin instead of to God's authority, then I can understand the congregation putting them out for the sake of the body of Christ.
I personally think we should do what we always do for people who are struggling and in need...reach out to them, show them that we care, and continue to pray for them that the Good Lord will guide them through wisdom and He will lift them up especially through the toughest times.