Jesus 24AD to 26AD?

i have a problem coming to grips with the exact timeline of Jesus's work on Earth,

The Temple cleansing episode in the Gospel of John can be correlated with non-biblical historical data sources to obtain an estimate for the year to which the episode refers. John 2:13 states that Jesus went to the Temple in Jerusalem around the start of his ministry and John 2:20 states that Jesus was told:[8][9] "Forty and six years was this temple in building, and you want to raise it up in three days?".
In the Antiquities of the Jews, first-century historian Flavius Josephus wrote that the temple reconstruction was started by Herod the Great in the 18th year of his reign 22 BC, two years before Augustus arrived in Syria in 20 BC.
Given that it had taken 46 years of construction to that point, the Temple visit in the Gospel of John has been estimated at any time between 24–29 AD.
So what is the timeline...
6 BC born
age 30 in 24 AD to
age 33 in 27 AD? either a three or two and half year ministry? 3 or 4 Passovers?
meaning the 2000 th anniversary of the beginning of his ministry is about 8 years away?