Jesus Christ was strongly against racial hatred and sectarianism

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Some are preaching and teaching for financial gain.

The Bible states that anyone that teaches or preaches a gospel contrary to Christ, then let him be accursed.

No one has any Biblical authority or reason for adhering to any doctrine that cannot be found in the Scriptures.

We are not to tolerate un-biblical teaching in our congregations nor associate with false teachers.
ok this thread can be closed :) I fail to feel love in this thread all I see is judging by you Adstar.
it is amazing how you all made it out to seem more than it is, while it was a clear message and you all focused on one thing and basically condemned the man as your enemy and all his teaching is now false according to you two Least and Adstar.

thanks mods and thanks everyone
God bless you all.
Look, I'm not condemning anyone. Obviously the Samaritan in the parable was an example for all of us to look up to, afterall Christ used him to demonstrate an example of love and mercy, even if there are racial differences. There was love in the Samaritans heart. I'm just agreeing with Adstar that the ecumenical movement is downplaying doctrinal purity and refuses to practice biblical seperation. And as Adstar said, knowing what difference are important takes wisdom; that's where God's Word decides. God Bless
Does Jesus Christ’s parable imply that one can go and persecute those of different ethnic groups who are all the servants of G-d? Does Jesus Christ parable imply that because one sect worships G-d differently, with different traditions or interpretations on how one worships G-d, you can go around persecuting that sect as “heretics”? Certainly not - in fact he says that if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and inherit eternal life, you had better start treating the your brothers and sisters who are servants of G-d of various ethnic groups and other nations with love, compassion and respect!

Does the parable imply that? Certainly not. But the above paragraph was not part of Christ's parable. If someone worships God differently, with different traditions and different interpretations than we do, lets make sure they're found in God's Word. If the differences are in opposition to biblical doctrine, then we best not make too good of friends until we make sure we're not associating with heretics. Unitarians, Mormons, and Jehova's Wittnesses worship a different god altogether, although they would say they worship 'god' differently, with different traditions, and different interpretations. But we should not persecute them. And if we saw them hurt we should help them like the good Samaritan did. This is what we have to realize when we're talking about idols. An idol is anything that we value more than God or worship instead of Him only, wheter that be a statue, or a false idea of a god-other than the Jesus Christ revealed to us in His Word. I will follow the biblical doctrine (instructions or body of teachings). The paragraph implies one cannot know truth, and that the lines can be fuzzy. It does not say it; it implies it by asking a question.

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