Jesus Drove A Snowmobile!

Jesus Drove ... .. a "snowmobile" !!
This is a true story, with 7 witness' . Even though this happend and there is substantial proof.
I do not expect you to believe this totally preposterous story, I have a very hard time, and this happened to me, exactly as I am explaining it to you, word for word.
I have a few photographs, to help picture what is going on.
Here is the story as it happened,
This is just preposterous ! something like this CAN'T HAPPEN ! .. ... but it did !!
It gives new revelation & meaning to the verse in which Jesus said: .. .. .. " if you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you may ask ANYTHING in MY Name, and I WILL DO IT.
Early morning in Feb, in the Arctic, 200 miles above the Arctic circle in Point Hope Alaska I get on my new snowmachine / snowmobile. I have a guide, to show me how to get up on those mountains in the background by Ada Boat. I want to take a few photographs, that is all. The temp is about 50 below zero, it is very cold, but I had a "hunters breakfast" of Raw Frozen Caribou meat, sliced very thin, swallow it whole, do not chew. This is the Eskimo way to get warm when your outside for extended periods of time in sub zero extreme cold weather.
The begining of this "famous" trip starts in the village, at the yellow line in the lower left corner of the photograph of the 'map".
The trip begins with going straight to Ada boat. There I created this image, had a smoke, then off across the extremly smooth North side Ocean ice.. on the other side of the sand bar in the image of Ada Boat, Glass like smooth ice. Full throttle !!
40 miles straight shot, throttle wide open, that is the only way to travel across huge distances. We are headed straight into the wind which is
blowing about 40 mph, we are hitting 80 mph into that wind. It is vicious on your face. Whoa !
Arriving at the entrance to the Kupak river was easy to spot, and up we go, on the frozen river ice, a rather steep climp up 600 feet, to the tops
of the mountains, following the yellow line I traveled far inland in hopes of seeing something to photograph. just a mass of white rolling soft
hills everywhere in all directions. "marshmellow hills, soft, fluffy, and beautiful, but no detail to capture an interesting photograph.
I am getting cold, so it is time to head home. And we follow the yellow line and start the turn to head back to Point Hope. I was always told,
never keep driving at just one speed, keep moving that throttle, and squeezing that handle (to prevent it from freezing up) THIS CITY BOY FORGOT
THAT PART. As the machine is climbing a small hill, the "tundra heads" (Manniks) caught the underside of the "carriage" and make the machine go
erratic, this way and that way and the inertia , flipped me off the machine. oH oh! ha ha ha.. my guide lands on top of me and I am struggling to get up, the machine is starting to
creep up the hill by itself. I get up and start to run up that small hill, EXACTLY LIKE RUNNING IN A DREAM, I am going no where as the machine is
getitng further and further away from me and it goes over the top of the hlll. I make to the top of the hill and look. The machine is no where in
sight. As I turn aruond to walk back, It suddenly hit me full force. I have to walk 80 miles back to the village. There is just no way I can make
that trip. I am too cold, i know I have but a few hours left if that. I sunk down into the snow, my head hanging down in despair. Suddenlly I got
up, Looked straight up to the sky and outstretched my arms skyward and said as loud as I could, with all the confidence and conviction I could,
I will NOT............. DIE OUT HERE TODAY! .. .. .. .. YOU !! - have to do something, ! .. .. .. and YOU .. .. have to do it NOW ~!
THIS IS THE END. .. .. of the yellow line. Now the machine is out of sight, the blue line begins, where the yellow line stops on top of the mountains.
I hear the words... LOOK ! and off to my right is the machine, headed North, from the direction i had just come from, but the machine is about
60 yards to my right, about to go behind another hill. I see the machine and my very first reaction was to aim my 44 magnum and shoot it!
This is city boy technology.. shoot! but then it dawned on me, that if I was successful in shooting that machine to get it to stop, I would
probably never get it started again. so that idea, melted quickly and the machine went out of sight again. It is headed north.
So am I, trying to catch up with my guide, who is more composed than I am. I am in a complete state of perpetual panic. And rightly so, I know I
am going to freeze to death, in just a few hours out here. If I can last that long, I am cold, exhausted, scared! Non-stop prayers, like an Uzi
My petitions, pleas, cries for help are ascending, rapidlly, non-stop, desperate pleas for help.
I hear those words again.. .. .. Look ! I look up only to see a vast white empiness everywhere I look, only white, COLD FROZEN, WHITE nothing
else visible except white. What ? I don't see anything anywhere, LOOK ! what ? where ? Up there, the guide pointed, I look and I still can't
see anything. Where? what ? I look again, again, I see nothing, what ? are you pointing at ? The light ! LOOK!.. I squint my eyes and look..
and look.. .. ... Ah, there it is.. .. way up on a frozen rectangular lake. Perhaps 5 miles away from us ? I have no idea how to judge distance in
this, enviorment but it was very far away, I can just make out the headlight on that machine but i could "follow" it, hmmm look at that !
The machine is at the top left of that "area" and is headed to the bottom right of that same area, then it moves to the top right of that area,
and travels to the bottom left of that same area. and it repeats the same motions.. WowoW. ha ha ha.look at that.. fancy figure 8's.. ???
......."or.... the exact same symbol or sign for ... ... "INFINITY" !!!!!!!!!... ...... ... it is the LORD !! OH ! OMG! I AM OFF RUNNING
I KNOW..... that this is the Lord! it has to be.. that machine was doing this same symbol for what seemed like hours as I am headed up in that
direction, with renewed strength. Thank you Jesus, was all I kept saying as I was running up to that area, huff, puff, whew,, you cannot run in
snow, for very far before your ready to collapse, I am bent over, trying to catch my breath, watching that machine, laughing, Lord, Please help me
I am so cold, I need your help NOW !.. ... ... AND THAT MACHINE broke off the lower right hand corner of that area and was bouncing erratically
headed straight for ME! THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you thank you .. ah ha.. here it comes, and stupid me !!! STUPID ME STUPID ME.
As the machine is getting closer I can see we are going to connect and stupid me broght my arm down on that kill switch hard. bang, as it went by
and kept right on going. Stupid me, I should have grabbed the handle bars and let it drag me and climb back into the drivers seat and break the
connection by squeezing the throttle. I just blew it and now it comes past me in a big arc and heads straight for "Z". My guide is about 1 1/2
miles to my left. As the machine is headed toward my guide, Z, I say to myself, this eskimo will know what to do, Then I watch as I am running
again towards that location, close to the cliffs, 600 feet above the ICE. I see the machine is going straight for Z, wow, renewed strength is all
that is keeping me going, i am exhausted beyond belief and very cold. I have been without my big parky for too long and I am jsut cold all over,
scared, worried, constantly praying. The machine is bouncing again due to the "manniks" in the tundra, Jockying for position, as the snowmachine
gets closer and closer, I relax when I see they are going to connect.. yes yes yes yes ... Oh no.. I see her arm go up into the air. to repeat my
stupid action.. NO ! I scream as loud as I can.. NO! and her hand / fist comes down on that kill switch, and that machine goes right past her, straight for the cliffs.
I am screwed now ! and I collapse into the snow, again, totally spent. NO strength to go on, getting up and walking over to Z was so
depressing. The Lord Himself gave us two chances and we each blew it. I feel so stupid & cold, & stupid.
I finally reach the location Z is at and I put my parky back on with my beaver hat, and slowly begin to gain some much needed warmth, from the clothing, but I. am still cold.
I have no idea what to do next, we are walking in the "tracks" of the snowmachine, i have no idea what to do now, it is starting to get dark.
I am not scared of dying now, uh uh, I am terrified of Irma Oktollik, the mother of my guide,
The last thing Irma said to me was, you have no idea what your doing out there, you can get into big trouble, YOU BETTER BE BACK BEFORE IT GETS
DARK, do not... .. make me get search & rescue to go after you, She didn't really want me to go, She knew I had no skills for what I was
attempting to accomplish, anything can happen out here, and it usually does, but this was one for the "record books" so to speak.
I am terrified of what Irma is going to do.. now i am really scared, and we continue to walk and I hear,, ssshh ! listen, I look to my left and to my right, nothing, Be still I was told, quit moving.. shhh! I took my hood down and she yells at me again, quit moving, stand still don't move.
we listen, I am standing like a statue, I refuse to even move my head, LISTEN.. SSSSSHHHHH.. listen.. and then we see, off to our right, A LIGHT.
ON TOP OF A HILL, and it stops.. ?????? THEN A SECOND LIGHT SHOWS UP BESIDE IT AND STOPS.. whoa ! we are rescued!!! Thank you Lord oh
halleleiuja... yoo hooo ! Wowow. Then them two snowmachines came rushing down to our location. IT WAS ALLAN LANE & his brother Clark Lane.
It is a well known fact: Allan is the best hunter in this village. Allan & His brother Clark went hunting for caribou TWO WEEKS EARLIER, yes they have been out here for two weeks, much further north than our location.
clark kept telling Allan, lets go home, Allan kept saying, no just a little bit further, lets keep going on this trail near the cliffs.
Allan's wisdom is what saved our lives that day. He showed up just as darkness was falling all over the area,
Clark said. what are you two doing out here, walking ???? We told them the whole account of our afternoon's activities.
Of course everyone laughed, Allan asked how much Gas did you have, I said a full tank, I would not attempt to come out here with anything less.
Allan took off on his snowmachine back up to that tall hill form where they spotted us and was looking all over. After 15 minutes or so he came
back and said. .."we will come back in a few days, We will find it then. I am sure he was right, he knows.
Time to go home.. oh gosh that sounded so good, I just want to get warm, Allan takes my guide on his snowmachine and I get on the back of Clarks
sled and close my hood, because Clarks machine is kicking all the snow & ice back towards me and on me, no biggie, just close the hood and I am
very warm now. We start the slow ride over the small hills, to find the entrance of the Kupak river, turn right and head down that ravine to the ocean ice.
When we reach the bottom of that ravine, we have to turn sharp left 90 degrees or more, to line up with Ada boat and THROTTLE'S WIDE OPEN.
wE ARE FLYING ACROSS THAT ICE, AND ALLAN IS MAD!! He is furious, he is standing up on his machine pointing to the left at the ice pressure ridges.
When the ocean ice hits land, it piles up into huge piles some 20-30 feet tall. Pressure ridges, like giant sugar cubes all piled on top of one another.
I hear Allan yelling, pointing and screaming, I can tell by the sound of his voice, he is furious and very mad, ??? Then I see what he is so mad about,
Off to our left you could see,, the "tracks" of A snowmachine that went up on top of those ice pressure ridges and was traveling in a manner which
defies gravity and the laws of physics.
These tracks made by A snowmachine went up near the top and turned and was following our route way ahead of us on top of those ice pressure ridges.
Which means this machine is now at a 45 degree angle on the top of those ridges parallel to the ice, that is IMPOSSIBLE, IT WOULD FALL OFF.
We are flying toward Ada boat, and then clark sees the snowmachine come off the tops of those pressure ridges down to the ice and turns toward us
as if to say, "here I am.. ... ... follow me,, and turned again straight again towards Ada boat, Allan is flying, WHO THE <DELETED> IS DRIVING THAT SNOW MACHINE,
ALLAN is flying now 100 mph, trying to catch up to this machine, As we drew closer to Ada boat, Allan is way out in front of us, and this machine
hits a small piece of ice, flips on its side, and skids to a stop. ten feet, dead center from Ada boat,!!!! Allan arrives and jumps off his machine and hits the kill switch on my machine, it does nothing, it is still running, He grabs the plunger or primer and push/pulls repeatidly, until the machine stalls, He flipped upright just as I arrived and I walk over and pulled the start cord and it started right up and SAT THERE,
EVERYONE is looking at each other with mouths wide open no one is saying anything.
This machine rode the tops of those pressure ridges for TWENTY MILES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANYone with any experience will tell you, THAT IS 100% impossible, the best driver in the world couln't make it 20 yards, never mind twenty miles.
I thanked Alan & Clark and they left and we followed back on my machine back to the village.
As I approach Irma's house I can see Search & Rescue, all reaDY ASSEMBLED outside of her house. I quicky ran in, and told Irma what had just
happened. She grabbed a big Ulu KNife and had it up to my neck and said DON'T YOU EVER LIE TO ME LIKE THAT OR I WILL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF.
Her daughter ran in and saidl.. "NO MOMMA. .. .. IT REALLY HAPPENED!, Irma said; Bullshape! ha ha ! Who "RESCUED YOU" she asked? I proudly said.
Allan Lane,............... she replied.. "he doesn't even like you" I said I know Irma, but today, HE SAVED MY LIFE.
IRMA WASN'T BUYING THIS ONE BIT. AND SHE GOT her parky on and ran out of the house over to Suuuauk's house. Allan's Mom.
2 hours later she came back into the house, Arms high in the air, dancing all over the house, it's true' its' true, it's true.
That happened in 1983 February,l they took my snowmachine away from me, they woldn't let me drive it again.
I didn't see allan ever again till 2002 October, and oneof the first things I asked him was.. "Allan.. how did that snow machine ever find its way
over all them hills to Kupak river,? That part always bothered me big time.
Allan laughed and said......" it didn't" it went right off those cliffs ! ??? How can a machine possibly fall 600 feet,and survive that fall,
make three precise turns. ?? IN other words, THAT SNOWMACHINE went 80 miles, back to the exact location we started from. !!!
Allan is still mad about that machine, He knows no one can drive for 20 miles at the top of those pressure ridges for twenty miles at a 45 degree
I am hoping for a replay when we get to heaven, I want to see that... I want to know,, were you acutally on that machine, with your hair blowing
in the wind. or did you just use your "finger"?
Everyone up here in the Arctic has very bizarre stories to tell about snowmobiles, they all say, hands down, I got the very best TRUE story of the
entire north slope of the Arctic region!
or anywhere in the world, for that matter.
AGAIN...... I don't expect you to believe this, but it is TRUE. Just write to anyone in the village and they can vouch for this.
Irma has passed on as well as her husband. Every time Irma saw me, all she could do .. is shake her head!............and laugh!
Clark, Allan are still in the village, name - ponthope 99766 will get you a response!
Peter Frankson was up there that day also, I never found out about this till just a few years ago... he says.. David.. I was up there that day, I
saw those tracks on top of the mountains. I could easily see, this was a run-a-way machine because no one would drive in that erractic manner,
PEOPLE ARE still talking about this, in this village, and that incident happend 24 years ago !
DON'T EVER LIMIT THE LORD........EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.. I have no idea, why I am still alive.. and why?
I have somehow, someway, only by the Grace of our Lord. survived 15 heart attacks and 3 strokes.
In 2003 I had my third stroke here in the village, I lost my eyesight. 85% . They would not medivac me to the hospital in Kotzebue 200 miles south of us.
I smiled and said LORD,, I GOT NOTHING TO WORRY about. I know your gonna give me my sight back. He did! a FEW MONTHS later, I have 90% of all my vision.. back
but for what ? why?? Am I STILL ALIVE, OBVIOUSLY I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO,, that I haven't done yet !