Jesus said 'Follow Me'

Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
Let's have a look at what the Bible says. What did Jesus mean when he said to Peter 'if I will tarry till he come, what is that to you? Follow thou me'. In John chapter 21:23-30 Peter is asking about John. He sees John following Jesus. Peter compares himself to John. but Jesus doesnt want Peter to compare himself to John, asking what he's going to do. JEsus explains to Peter why should it matter to Peter if he tarries-waits for John. Whats important is Peter is following Jesus.

Some of us may have long lives, some of us may have shorter lives. Does it matter? Some of us are slow, some of us are faster. As long as we are each following Jesus, it does not matter. Jesus does not make us clones of each other. We can be good examples to others yes. But we arent to copy each other, compete with or one up each other. Each of us has our own journey to make -toward Jesus. And one thing I do know - Jesus is patient with all of us.

For those of us on the journey, do we get sidetracked? Looking at everyone else? Maybe you are thinking of someone who's behind, or someone who's miles ahead. Maybe you are tempted to tell a slowpoke to hurry up, or maybe you see people ahead and you want to rush to catch up with them. But...dont be too hasty, if you keep doing that, your eyes are not fixed on Jesus and what hes telling you right now. He will never leave you nor forsake you...and that's a promise!

Unless you are married to that person, and walking beside them and yoked to them, you really dont have any right to say how fast they ought to walk! As long as they are following Jesus all we can do is encourage them on their walk..because we believers are all headed in the same direction. Is Jesus kind enough to wait for us? YES!
Dec 24, 2018
I agree that we should focus on Jesus and not worry to much about others. But, I do think it is loving to think about others and how they are going spiritually. The idea should be for us to get up the mountain (to Jesus) together, through the trial and tribulation that the mountain brings. If we try to get up this mountain the fastest, and we do this by dragging people down along the way, then that is wrong. If we are making our way up the mountain and we see someone struggling, then I think it is our duty to stop and help them get back on the path, until they are able to carry themselves.

This, to me, is what the Kingdom of heaven and the Body of Christ is all about.

In peace