Jesus was a Palestinian?

Jesus was a Palestinian?

This is an important article, especially for Parents regardless of whether you are home schooling or using government schools.

Authors Warn That Many Textbooks Distort Religion;
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One example is in the glossary of "World History: Continuity and Change." It calls the Ten Commandments "moral laws Moses claimed to have received from the Hebrew God" while the entry for the Koran contains no qualifier in saying it is the "Holy Book of Islam containing revelations received by Muhammad from God."

Experts agree, though, that part of the problem rests in the fact that there are so few textbook publishers. Seventy-five percent of public school books are published by just three companies: Houghton-Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson Education. None responded to requests for comment for this story.
"It's a big problem right now that we have so few choices in our textbooks," Haynes said. "This is an industry. ... It's a marketplace. They're trying to sell their textbooks."
But Ybarra said it goes deeper than pure economics. He thinks textbooks are being used as tools for propaganda, particularly in negative attitudes towards Christianity and Israel and pro-Palestinian views concerning the Middle East.
so ...vicar means "Pastor"?I just saw your web site. Pretty cool bro. I love the little church!!! I know it's off the subject but I couldn't help it.

I didn't need to read the whole article to see it was "biased"? I think that is the word im lookin for. But NO Jesus was not Palestinian. The Bible says HE was a Jew, I believe it that settles it. Amen
so ...vicar means "Pastor"?

As a "Vicar" I am actually a Pastor in training, however I have been called to serve a specific congregation.

Our denomination requires 6 years of formal training and education in order to be ordained within the Synod.
2 years Deaconal training and 4 years Seminary training in Word and Sacrament.

I only have 4 of the 6 years completed, however I have been called to serve a congregation full time. It is the service of a specific congregation (Under close supervision) that renders me a "Vicar." :)
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