Over the many years of studying the word of G_d to understand the true meanings and get away from the theatrical world of church today. Many say Jesus isn't real... Many say that there are too many loop holes in scripture. I believe many writing were taken out. That is my belief.

In all honesty I believe Jesus is real and He is who He says He is. The son of the living G_d. You can look at any belief on this earth and hold it up against scriptures, history, and proofs. It speaks volumes and holds water so to speak. (No pun intended)

Trust me I have done what Peter has done, but knowing He still loves me because of my ignorance and lack of knowledge. I denied the truth. All of this because the Shroud of Turin would always pull me back to it making me seek more answers. It is kind of funny because my son claims to be an athiest and says that science explains all. So in part my son is right. The Shroud of Turin has been decoded so to speak on the "Real Face of Jesus" on the History channel. They found out it was a thin beam of light that permentaly burned an image on the Shroud. Even the cloth from Spain "Veil of Veronica" matches up perfectly with Jesus face on the Shroud. It explains how the image got there, but this beam of light was on front and back of the shroud which makes it even more intriguing and miraculous.

I think it is the world today. Churches teaching different religions from one Bible causing division among the people. How can there be so many translations of the Bible? Why not stick to the word that closely describes the meanings from the Greek/Hebrew text? We have to be detectives and seek out the life and time of Christ and the feast and festivals and thier meanings to better understand the truth of His words. He fulfilled the Law. Jesus already had the second coming and Revelation that was spoken of by John was completed during the time of John and the fall of the temple in Jerusalem.

There is a power deeper then most see. A power of deception, a veil over the mind until the ones that seek the truth, and will find the truth, and be forever changed. I am not without sin, but I know the feeling when I hurt the Lord, because I compare it to my children when they hurt me by saying I Hate you, or disown you. I become numb and cold. When I have done nothing but love and take care of them. Never have I shoved scripture or my beliefs in their faces.

So I feel I am on the right path. Even through my life's tribulations I thank the Lord, whether it is blesing the food I eat or being an on time G_d and providing for me just enough when I don't see what the future problems. I pray my children come to see and believe the way I believe.

I have vivd dream of death and destruction, tornadoes, and floods. Many natural destructions we are currently seeing. Maybe it is from me watching videos before bed. Who knows. All I know is there are sinkholes, storms of great magnitudes, earthquakes, tidal waves, and flash floods, hail, and forest fires. Fish and whales dying by the thousands. Birds falling out of the sky dying by the thousands. Fireballs falling from the skies over many countries. The change is in the works. A total cleansing of what we know of earth today. Things we haven't seen in all of our lifetime is happening. Do we need to wake up and see the Lord your G_d hand at work and rejoice in it? Ask for mercy. Ask for forgiveness and let His grace be enough to save our souls.

Something is happening.... We need to wake up.
You are right, there is definitely something happening, And aside from other phenomena I too have experienced such dreams. The world is changing. We may even be entering a new age...yet even so let us be comforted by the knowledge that what happens happens by God's will and we can always put our faith in him, no matter what.