John 12:25

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Anyone who loves their life will loose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life. NIV.

I trying to get this verse so any pointers welcome:)
First off... is He is talking to sinners, saints, or both?
If He’s talking to sinners only then it kind of makes sense. In the first part, He’s saying : in this world ( I take that to mean the sin nature) anyone who is satisfied with his life, then he better watch out coz it will be taken away without Faith in Him.
In the second part, He’s saying that in the sinful nature again, (ie without faith in Him, if you are not satisfied with your life you will keep it.

I’m still learning so any help is good.Is this ok or am I barking up the wrong tree
I believe he is talking to anyone who will listen... he who has ears to hear...

The world refers to this earthly planet we live in. Each of us has a choice to follow His ways or the world's/enemies ways... (society, or the latest fad, or anything that does not include the job that God has given us on the earth.. ie.. the great commission)

The Father has a specific plan for our life. And if we choose to live a life that is following the ways of the world and doing something other than what God wanted..... we won't last long, because the ways of the world lead to death. But if we adhere to or obey the ways of the Lord.. ie.. walking in love and forgiveness towards others and loving our neighbor as ourself, and the biggest one... loving And accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and being obedient to wherever He calls us to be..... then we will live forever in heaven and the new earth.

A lot of people live their life for the now... thus loving their life here on earth, and following after their own desires, while ignoring God (this is believers and non believers alike).

A lot of believers know that this earth is not our true eternal home. And we don't like or long to stay on this earth forever, for our citizenship is in heaven. So we choose to do and be where God wants us, knowing that heaven is our eternal reward.

Hope this helps.