Jonah and the Whale

What are you saying, Larry? The truth is dynamic; always changing? From what I understand, there's only one truth and one Spirit. I don't believe any of us has the whole truth perfectly. Does that mean we aren't saved? Not at all, salvation is simple; unmistakable: believe. Nothing else matters as far as getting to heaven is concerned.

The one who believes and lives a long life in faith will have done many more works and enter Heaven just as will the one who just became a believer moments befor their death.

Both will be in Heaven but only one will have done good works.

LOL how did you guys get to this from talking about Jonah and the Big Fish?? lol crazy how topics stem from one another... but I agree with what your saying here!
The author certainly viewed the account as factual...since he include Jonah's lineage. Why bother telling the reader who Jonah's father was if Jonah was a fictitious character?

I tottally agree...a lot of people think a lot of the stories in the bible are parables but that most certainly is not true I believe they were all living breathing people just like you and I.
:) It happens sometimes. I don't think Larry realizes how much of an encouragement he has been to me, not to mention the prayers he's prayed for me, though.