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Hello, mtman7ac...Welcome.

(y) Threads are topics we want to discuss, examine or debate in a Christian manner.

Click on the BIG headlines, like "Bible Study" and you will see listed lots of threads: pick one and read what you can and jump in if you have interest.

Does that help?
Welcome to the forums!

Its very easy - just browse along and you'll find yourself flying through everything pretty soon :)

You could start off by telling us a bit of yourself if you like..

God Bless


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Hello all. I'm new at this and have no clue where to start...well I guess I just did. What are threads? Can someone give me a quick tour? Thanks.

Threads are also knows as topics. We have various such active threads on this forum. Each thread / topic will have posts in them. You have now created a thread and I have just posted on it. :)

Just browse through other threads and I am sure you will learn in no time.

Also, check this link out:

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