Joy - January 3, 2010

True joy comes from finding peace in sadness, in the darkest times of our lives,
And knowing God is always there listening, even when we don't know it.
When you are alone, when you are sad, remember to find joy...
It can be anywhere, it can be from anything.
When you feel as if all is falling down around you, think of something that makes you smile.
Think of something beautiful; don't focus on the sad.
Your prayers are going to be answered - just be patient!
God hears you!
So, where do you find joy?
I find joy in love, in thinking about the one I love.
Yes, that is where my joy is.
I also find joy in beauty, in this beautiful world...
The colors and the sounds and the smells...
And this life I have been given.
So, where do you find your joy?