Judge Not

There is a biblical warning that we should not judge others lest we be judged in the same way. Throughout my life, before I became a Christian, I was a very judgmental person. The judgments were silent, but they were there in my thoughts. Would you believe that every single strong judgment that I've made against others has come to fruition in my life? Every petty, stupid judgment has come to roost on my life. I would say that this warning is to be taken especially seriously unless one wants to end up becoming the thing that one is judging. I now live mentally without judgment of others. I have learned to purge myself of this terrible habit of thinking. The Lord has taught me a wonderful lesson, and I a grateful for it. On closer examination, judging others betrays that something is lacking in your personality. For me it was jealousy and also about finding ways to make myself feel superior. So, the root of my judging was an inferiority complex. I would look at people and mentally comment on their clothes, their body shape, and other superficial things which showed what a shallow individual I was. I especially hated happy families. When I saw a father and mother out walking with their children, I would instantly despise them. Why? Because they had something I knew I would never have. It was easier for me to be angry than to be sad.

After spending many years in emergency services and meeting many people in situations that are not their best moments of their lives, I learned to really appreciate the heart at the center of the person. I am glad to say that to date when I meet new people I don't even notice their age or appearance at all - I notice only what kind of person they are. And really, that's all that truly counts. At this time I live by the words of Christ who said that what you do to the least of His children, you do to Him. That's an important thing to keep in the forefront of my mind at all times.