Just A Thank You

Good evening from Scotland. Just a message tonight to thank all at CFS for the great fellowship I've experienced over the last few months and that my wife has also recently signed up to join the threads. We've been a more relaxed Pastoral role, but still preaching and teaching, for the past couple of years due to the birth of our two new babies so CFS has really helped us during this time.

Our two babies were a fulfilment of nine year promise from God to give us children and we've loved every minute with them however on the other hand, God has been training us quite hard through circumstances and study for this next season in our lives. Some of those situations have been very tough indeed and i just wanted to thank you guys again for allowing God to speak through you to help us.
Fantastic, and congratulations on the births of your children! May they bring you joy throughout all the seasons of their lives, as all of you grow in the L-rd!