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Hi all,
I just wanted to request that everyone keep in mind that what gets posted on this site has the potential to reach countless people. Many turn to the internet to seek answers... some come here, and some do not... But in those searches, our words can still be seen. We have been blessed in that we have been given the opportunity, an accepted the responsibility, to try to help each other. The words, scriptures, and prayers we post, matters.
It also matters that we support, and remember each other here.. in our prayers... just the same as when we pray for our churches, neighbors, congregations, leaders, etc. With that in mind.... let's not forget or overlook the need to pray for our website members and staff. It is a serious matter, and our words and actions can be either helpful, or harmful. And knowing this, it is often quite challenging to try to help, or answer someone.... And can even be stressful or overwhelming.
So, if you would... let's all try to make it a point to not only pray over our replies, & the people seeking help.... But let's also pray for all of us here... that we may be useful and effective for God's purpose.
God bless-