Just Conjecture

Imagine Lucifer before his fall, a mighty being full of wisdom and beauty.
As his mind probes the vastness of God's creation he comes upon an awe striking phenomena.
He realizes an inspiring avenue in the folds of creation.
He discovers that there are laws of cause and effect and with the illuminant of reasoning - the possibilities could be endless. With this he could exercise his full potential.
He decides that this is just what a person of his stature ought to have.
Now - transgression is not the objective - but look what he could become.
Opening the door just slightly to take a peek he sees that indeed he must have this.
As he is drawn in the realization strikes him that in this position he must now lay hold of power now, for this is a one way track with no way back.
As the implications and consequences of his actions become manifest so his countenance falls and the resulting demonic demeanor rises in it stead.
In this irreconcilable doomed condition he hates the omniscient, omnipotent power that he must now stand against and in his unquenchable fury he is determined to destroy as much as he is able for he knows that his days are numbered.

Just a read...
Any time a being decides to raise himself up there will come a fall, and destruction. Even Jesus the Son of God did not raise, or praise him self as he said. No one knows who the Son except for the Father, and no one know who the father is except for the Son and to whom he will reveal him. (Luke 10:22)
The Father reveals the Son, and the Son reveals the Father.

Pro 27:2 Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

As scripture tells us that "violence" filled Lucifer, and caused him to sin. (Ez 28:16)
A violent person is one who does things without first thinking through the consequences of their actions. Lucifer, even though filled will Wisdom failed to think through what he was about to do. His sin happened before he even acted out his plan, as dose all sin when conceived in the heart and not after its actions are complete.
The Kingdom of God also being taken taking over by "violent" people who have failed to think through what becoming a Child of God cost. It costs everything.
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