Just do it for yourself...


Just do it for yourself...


This bother's me so much.

For example there was this game show on the other day, and the individual playing the game had to make a decision that could effect her financially (it's a gameshow). It was a lot of money, and a few friends are allowed to interact with her and give her advice.

Her friend said, "Just do it for yourself. Just like I told you. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Just you."

The crowd hooted and applauded this advice as being right and wise--they encouraged it. We can do that, can't we? The World does so much applaud the thought of doing it for yourself, do they not? "Do it for yourself... nobody else... just do it for you... YOU DESERVE IT."

What shamefully wrong advice from a friend it is indeed.

How about this instead. "Do it for God, then do it for others... and if you actually have time after those two options are exhausted... then do it for yourself."


Seriously one of the best weeks my family ever had was when the idiot box was broken.:p
I love having the TV on when I'm cooking or cleaning or working out, whatever.

One show that comes on and I can't stand but can't get up and change the channel right then (soapy gloves, weights in the air, five burners bubbling at once...that kind of thing) is that show where they tell the truth.

Truth? For cash? One lady on recently was being called the show's most ruthless contestant. She was telling the truth to get to the cash, whatever the cost. She admitted that she thought it was a mistake to marry her husband, that she'd thought about having an affair, that she'd done things she was ashamed of while he was away on business.

She didn't tell the truth to clean herself and make herself right before God - she did it for money. She walked away with (I think) 25-thousand. But her husband looked completely disgusted.

All for money. The love of money. Oh! And she's a Mormon and admitted in the show that if her husband left the church, she'd divorce him. Pffft! Her religion means more to her than her marriage...but the money means more to her than her marriage. If this woman was so faithful to her religion, she wouldn't have done anything to be ashamed about while her husband was away on business...

Anyway, I'm monologuing. Sorry.:eek: