Just sayin hey

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Just sayin hey

I was looking for a place to talk to other Christians about anything. Most of my friends are Christians as well but they are just about the claim of being Christian and not actually doing God's work that he has for them. There is only one friend I could really talk to about God and the Bible but he moved so I am really looking forward to my times on this board. Im about to become a sophomore in highschool and I just started to tap into my faith with God this year. I can't wait to see what I can accomplish this year through Christ.


Well, there are a few other high schoolers on this forum. I know you will like it here and meet new friends
who have a heart for God.
Hope to see ya hangin round!


I have a friend named Steven and your post made it sound like maybe you were him, until you said your friend moved. I thought "Wait, I didn't move." :D

Welcome Brother
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