Just to say Hello.

Just to say Hello.

I would just like to say hello to everyone.

So here goes..... HELLO.:israel:

I hope to be around a bit reading more of your many interesting posts.

I hope to get to know you all better.

In peace and His love. :)

Greetings Prophecy Countdown and googlipop- it is good to have you here with us- there is plenty going on here so take your time and explore- I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments

Thankyou goolipop, for your hello and thankyou Jeff, for your welcome.:)

I was a bit worried when I received your messages Jeff.

I thought I had made some sort of big mistake. :eek:

Thanks for the second message, that cured my concerns.:cool:

Thankyou Boanerges, I like your post subjects very much and dear mustardseed, I look forward to reading and posting with you also.
It’s nice to say hello to you too Jasmine.:israel:
You are all very kind.

Hello AmericanAngel, Thankyou for your welcome.:D

A Thankyou to you Sylvanus, for your kind welcome and I look forward in reading learning and participating.:)

Your Brother in Jesus.