Kale! Disgusting or...

Nov 21, 2016
Apparently it's the best green veg you can eat, at the moment anyway!

I don't know if it's the same in the US, but when you get Chinese take-out in the UK, and order crispy seaweed, this is what you're actually getting, cabbage/kale. So...

Finely chop a ton of kale.
Place it on a baking tray.
Spray it with oil. (It has to be sprayed for the best result, so get spray oil, olive oil would be best, but hey ho)

Grill it! (You really have to keep an eye on it so it won't burn).

What you end up with is 'crispy seaweed' or as I call it 'green tinsel'.

Kids love it! If you want a way to get other human beings to eat heaps of kale/cabbage, try this.

kale blessings x
Apr 13, 2019
Yuma, AZ USA
I once bought some seeds called "flowering kale". If you plant in late fall, a freeze imparts a wonderful flavor, and another freeze makes it even better. You boil the leaves, or you can use them any way you would use cabbage.

I also planted three rows of squash. Shows you how much I knew about gardening! Three rows produces enough squashes for a small town!
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Sep 22, 2016
Ooooh it’s Annie’s thread!

Annie if your reading this please put my mind at rest......

that you have been taken up by the Lord to heaven by a giant 6 foot pepper

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