Keep Your Sheep And Take Care Of Your Cows ! ! !

Proverbs 27:23-24 >

"Be diligent to know the state of your flocks,
. And attend to your herds;
. For riches are not forever,
. Nor does a crown endure to all generations."

So, it says to take care of your sheep and your cows . . . because riches do not last forever. Money can lose value, or it can be taken, and the economy could fail so your money can't get you what you need. But if you have taken care of your sheep, they can give you wool for clothes and meat to eat. And cows can give you milk, even while money can't do anything for you.

This can have the meaning that we need to keep on taking care of people and things that we need. Money may do different things, but we need to make sure we keep on taking care of the people and things which have been there for us, and have not failed us and that we know will not fail us. Instead of rushing to try to rescue a money problem, we need for first make sure we are with God and are family with the ones who are there for us.

For example, we see how David handled that situation when the Amalekites took the families of him and his men. What really worked was how David first got encouraged with the LORD, then he did what God had him do. So, he stayed with God; he did not just rush to try to rescue his situation. Plus, later, he handled things in God's family way > when those evil men said not to give anything to the men who were worn out and did not fight, David said, no, we are family we all share together. So, he kept with all that really works right, of seeking and obeying God and sharing in love as family.

In marriage . . . our bodies can fail so we can not keep on doing things we like to do, now. We need to keep investing in how to be in God's love, so that in our later years we will be in love with each other. God's love will feed our souls and keep us satisfied, no matter what becomes of our bodies > "with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you," we have in Psalms 81:16.