Kinda spookey Christian song....

The guy singing in the song (Brian "Head" Welch) is a former member of the famous group "Korn". Several years ago he converted to Christianity and quit the band. He released a solo Christian metal album (from which the song is taken).
For the record, Christian rock makes me nervous because those in the genre have a tendency to water down the message of the Gospel, avoiding words like "God", "Jesus" ect, and talking more of "feelings" than God and what He has done for us. I stumbled onto "Head"s music the other day and he seems to actually include some theology and true, yet unpopular messages into his music, but I'm still skeptical.

This song, while its sound makes me uncomfortable (but I think that's the point), I think it reflects the real and horrifying danger that the unsaved have placed themselves in. The song itself is a personal message to rapper 50 cent. Part of the song is in the context of God talking to 50 cent, while part of it is in the context of Welch talking to him, acting as God's messenger. I have mixed feelings about it, but I think the basic message is true and horrifying at the same time.
Interesting song.
Kudos to "Head" for atleast taking a stand and telling some truth that most "Christian" rock artists run and cower from.

[P.S. After the song "ends" let the vid keep playing. There's a cute little surprise at the end. Made me smile.]
I myself am a big fan of Christian Metal if your into it i strongly reccomend Disciple Project 86 just went to one of there concerts sunday night it was beast
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