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It wasn't just the old English that was hard to read JM - just look at the font it was printed in. (My previous post)

I actually thought that the print and font the Old English texts were written in were actually very pretty. :D I don't have a hard time reading Old English actually, I can pretty much understand the words. :p
Brother, you do realize that it says completion and not compilation?
It means all letters/books were finished and written by the 1st century. That's what I understand from that website.

the word Bible came much later, I do not know which year, if you do know, I would like you to tell me please.

While you may consider that highlighted portion of my post "uncalled for", may I remind you, in this day and age of popularity of computers in people's homes, it takes a whole lot less effort to gain the same materials I spent all those past years gaining thru the postal service.

Surely if I can spend years doing it by mail, others can spend just a few months searching for those same sites of which I'd found about 3 or 4 listed just messing around just as easily or quicker.

I wasn't trying to be mean, but, just as Christ, thru the Apostles teaches us about committment, I also look for that in those who want to share info. Is it better as God warns us against to just accept any info we find coming across our path, or be committed enough to- "test the spirit" and be sure?.

Secondly- I siggest this reprimand is out of context as well, seeing as how my highlighted comment was "asking" -

"I ask again, if people want to share info they believe is accurate historical facts, do some real research instead of taking someone else's word on the internet for it".

Please note that I "asked", I did not command or demand. I requested. As a Minister of God dealing with so many people in person, its alot easier to tell what a person is projecting of attitude and intentions by thier eyes and actions compared to speech.

That is why I'm more careful with my speech on Sites like this. In that way, my speech exactly portrays what I'm truely trying to express. I would expect someone in a Leadership position to pay more attention to such details in order to discern whats really being spoken.

Why don't you check out Annointed . net where I help Moderate. Maybe then you'll understand better where I'm coming from.

God Bless!!


I have no interest in checking out another forum in order to understand where you are coming from.

My concern is with your comments on this forum and to the membership of this forum. Our concern is not with your theology but the tone used in your posts.

Our forum rules are very clear and I strongly suggest that before you post anything else on this forum you take a few minutes to read them and to read the thread called Survival Tips. Links to both are below.

As a moderator on this forum I will make certain that our rules are kept and will, if necessary, remove offending posts or suspend the mebership of anyone who refuses to follow those rules.

In addition to the rules I mentioned in my previous caution may I draw you attention to the following

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