Kitchen Design And Layout

The prices of real estate in Kerala have been shooting up from quite some time. Builders have now turned their attention towards putting in their best in each of their projects. With the increase in prices, the expectations of people have also soared up. Besides the completion of the project importance is also given to interior designing and other amenities.

Kitchen Design and layout is another aspect that is being given a lot of importance. Besides personal preferences spatial characteristics of the room also need to be taken into consideration. Taking into consideration the space available and the shape of the room one can consider all the possible arrangements.

Linear arrangement is considered if the kitchen is very narrow. Only one wall can be reserved for the working area of the kitchen. To increase the furnished area one can use practical wall or suspended units.

Railroad arrangement or Galley is an arrangement where the furniture is built up along two parallel walls. It is recommended when the kitchen is wide but not particularly long. One of the walls can be the working part of the kitchen while the other can be a convenient area for preparing meals.

Peninsula or Island arrangement is used when one wants to have an area for eating a quick snack or who wants an additional place to prepare food.

When one decides to place the table in the center of the room Corner arrangement would be the best. The corner opposite to the dining room should be used to install the kitchen furniture.