Knowledge And The Lack Thjereof!

Knowledge And The Lack Thjereof!

Recently, Ive had the term experiential spit at me like it was a booger caught in the gentleman's throat. I had freely admitted to him that I had proven God to myself and that in the end he would also need to do the same in order to ever know God.

So, let's look at that for a minute or two. The objection to this as evidence, as per the world is that experiences are not scientific evidence. Of course I'm going to illustrate that nothing could possibly be further from the truth. In the field of science there are a group of people that endeavor to explain the mysteries of the world. When a, thought to be reasonable, idea is formulated, such as Evolution, and presented it is termed a theory.

Theories are then taken and evidence is sought for the idea and if none is found the idea remains a theory, i.e. Evolution. In the case of Gravity, when it was a theory, in the early ages, experiments were performed until it became a defined fact of science. The same experiential evidence established the scientific laws of mechanical flight by man. These and many other points of our existence are scientific fact because experimentation has given certain results/experiences as proof.

So it is that we live in a world that is proven through experiences, making the experience of individuals worthy of examination. In the scientific community, when several people repeat an experiment that ends with the same result the idea that was a theory becomes scientific fact! So, if I tell you that I read the Bible and followed the method prescribed and I found God it might be worthy of examination. On the other hand if ten people do the same thing and they find God then we are rapidly approaching fact. When a million people follow the method and find God, it is a fact, period!

Do not make the mistake and think that if it is a fact that everyone will believe it, they will not do so. People have the ability to and they often do, choose to be ignorant of the facts. There is nothing that can be done for that man or that woman but do not ever be discouraged, there are thousands of others that are seeking the truth and will listen, examine and learn.