Laptop Battery help

Laptop Battery help

I hope someone can please help me. My wife just bought a new battery for her laptop computer and I changed it (very simple). Now here is the problem, we charged it for 12 hours did not show any increase in power life. She took it back to where she bought it and they gave her another one, I put it in the laptop 3 hours ago, I do not believe this is charging either. Is there some place on the laptop that indicates the battery is charging? I went into Maintenance and it shows battery life 0%. Could something be turned off? Would appreciate any help, thank you.
The laptop works fine, just cannot charge battery or use with battery alone. When I disconnect the AC adaptor laptop shuts off instantly. I also look for somewhere, anywhere on the computer to see it state that it is charging, but nothing. Could one of the settings be off?
With both battery and power adaptor connected, Go into "Device manager" and see if the battery is listed.

Did anything happen to the laptop before you got the new battery that could have damaged anything ?
I went into Device Manager and it did state "batteries" and nothing happened to the computer before battery was replaced.
What was your reason for changing the battery ?
Did the previous battery have faults ?

Either the battery is at fault, because laptops have a special battery made for each laptop model, or it is a little more serious.

These are the usual possibilities:

  1. Computer AC / DC cable is bad not allowing the computer battery to charge.
  2. Battery is bad.
  3. Battery charger board is bad.
Number 2 is out of the question .

I would maybe go to a computer shop and see if you can try / buy a universal laptop power adaptor.

If that doesn't work, your problem could be even more serious.

How old is your laptop ?
Is it under warrenty still ?
I guess the warrenty has already ran out, what else is knew. The computer is 2 years old, she got it in June 2005. The reason this all started is because any time she tried to use the laptop with just the battery power it would not work, I think this started before the warrenty ran out, but only my wife would know this because she is the only one that uses it, I only get called when something goes wrong. Is there any way I can test the battery charger board?
Well, that depends on you.
You would need to strip the laptop down, and understand what bits are inside and understanding electronics with voltages and stuff and circuits.

Personally, I would take it to your local PC repair shop and tell them the problem and see what they can do.
No mtter how this turns out B2LY I want to thank you so much for your advice and help. May the LORD bless you and keep you always.

I'll let you know how things turn out.
One thing you could do, before taking it to someone else, use Windows to see if t is charging or even reconzing that the batter is loaded...

Windows XP:

Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Poer Options

Then click on the 'Power Meter' tab and lastly check the box: Show details for each battery...

Is anything listed? Does it show a percentage? If nothing is shown then most lickily the connector on your motherboard that connects to your battery has bad, or, like already stated, the AC to Battery board it dead. Only replacing this can fix the issue.

God bless,
John is probably right but you can go to the manufacturers web site and see if they have any thoughts- I also get usefull info when I google a problem with a specific model # and see how others have dealy with it- I hope everything works out fine - Larry
Thank you all for your advice. My wife had it checked and it came down to a small connection inside which has to be fixed. The price for this small job which should take about a half hour, (my opinion) $400.00. She is going to pass on this because she can still use the laptop plugged in. Sheplans on buying a new one in a few months.
That is a rip off !
When I was repairing a laptop a while ago, I needed to completely strip down the laptop to get to the place I needed to be at to repair it. The Job took ~ 1Hour, The bill was like £50 i think, ~$100 dollars to you guys.
Good for you on passing on!

Did they say what was wrong with it exactly ?
Weather a cable came loose, They had to replace a component or something ?
Is it a Compaw laptop? I remember soddering plenty of those things to make them work. The AC connector broke on them all the time. Some new sodder and a lot of hot glue, worked great!

$400 buck is way too much. Most times I charge arounf $150 or so, it took around an hour each time. Sometimes they would also have me work on other thigns as well, so the cost would roll into other things as well.