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Latin and the Catholic Church - Sydney Morning Herald

Latin and the Catholic Church
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A Latin mass will never get the Ex Catholics back. Neither will a further loosening of the rules of the Church. They are gone and the Church will never return to it heydays in the sixties again. I used to like the Latin when I was an Altar Boy back in the sixties. Then they changed it to english, started having "folk masses" with guitar music,tore our old Church Down and built two brand new modern ones, and split up the parish. Shortly after that It seems like the bottom fell out and they were losing members fast. There was also a shortage of Priests and Nuns, because there were not enough "callings" of young people to the Priesthood and Sisterhood. This was followed up by the closings of all but two of the Catholic schools in our area. ( There were eight before that) Many Churches have closed and merged together and others have one priest for two Churches. The doors on all of the churches are locked these days unless there is a mass or some other ritual going on. The Catholic Church in the U.S. went the way of the close knit family and the secure job. Not even the bingo, the C.Y.O., the Knights Of Columbus, bazars, or casino nights, could keep them from hemoraging parishioners. The young people just kept growing up and going off to college, never to be seen in Church again.

All of this happened over a twenty five year period. Although I am no longer a Catholic, it is sort of sad for me to see this disintegration. I was in Catholic school for eight years and although it was strict, I have some very fond memories of my youth there. The nuns really did care about our future and we learned our lessons well. I believe in my heart that there are many good true Christian Catholics that have accepted Christ as their savior and havent gotten all caught up in the worship of the saints, etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes I look back on the way it used to be and I get sort of teary eyed. I must be getting older and sentimental or something.