Learning to Fly


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Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

When an eagle wants to teach its little ones to fly from the nest high upon a cliff, hundreds of feet up in the air, it prods one of the little eaglets and with its beak, noses it out of the nest. The eaglet starts to fall, and the great eagle flies underneath, puts its wing out, catches the little one on its back and flies a mile into the air. When you can hardly see the eagle as a point in the sky, it turns sideways, and down falls the little eaglet, goes fluttering maybe a thousand feet. Meanwhile, the eagle circles around the eaglet and underneath it; the eagle catches the eaglet on its wings and carries the eaglet up in the air again. After dishing the eaglet out again and letting it go, the eaglet comes down farther and farther--sometimes within a hundred feet of the ground. Again the great eagle catches the little one on its back and up they go another mile. The little eagle is at perfect rest and learning to fly. Way up there in the sky, the great eagle will bow over again and little by little the eaglet will learn to fly. The eagle knows when the eaglet is tired; it spoons the eaglet into the nest, noses out the next one and starts off again.

God says, "That's the way I take care of you." But you may say, "I don't like to have my nest stirred up. I like everything cozy and tidy, and I just like to stay in my baby ways where I am." But God loves you. That's why He won't let you stay as a baby; He wants you to learn to fly. Sometimes you have to be carried aloft, and you may have a horror of having to go by yourself, but it must come if you are to grow.

God bless,