left behind movies

I have seen all three of them. They do not go with the books all the way. I personally do not agree that they are Biblical but each movie and book does have a point where they lead someone to the Lord and that in itself is a good thing. My father-in-law was an athiest when he read the series, I am not sure if he has excepted Yeshua as his savior but I do know that he now believes in God from conversations he has had with my husband.
Feb 26, 2006

I love this series :!: I'm getting ready to start the series all over again[books that is] and yes I have the movies and I agree I like the books better,I think it's because when you have to use your imagination to see a picture of somthing in your mind,there are no limits. For instance ,in Glorious Appearing when Rayford is walking and talking with Jesus, my heart felt like it would burst, you feel like your there and part of everything ,you can't get that same experience from a movie, ..for me anyway holly :mrgreen:


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Dec 7, 2005
I saw the first one too very recently but I never read the books. Altough these movies dont send out the exact message, they do have a role at spreading the Gospel and thats wonderful. 8)
Mar 1, 2006
I have the first 2 and rented the third at our local video store. They were well done , but the books I truly enjoyed. Im not quite caught up with the books yet , there are quite a few.
I haven't seen the latest movie, but I have read all the books. The books are good. I wasn't as fond of the movies, but I do like the books. The movies are good, too, but not when compared to the books, in my opinion.