Let Me Explain

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
Hey, guys. Hope you're feeling good. I want to explain something to you guys about how I explain things:

When I post something, I feel like I have to explain what I say to you guys multiple times. I don't want to do that. I just want to say what I need to say ONCE AND ONCE ONLY. It's not that hard for you to read AND understand what I say the first time, and first time only. I seriously am going to try to explain things one time only. I get bored trying to explain things multiple times. And also, it sometimes is hard for me to type what I want to say. Get it? Got it ? Good. Cause I'm done explaining it to you.

I know you guys won't want to know. But I thought if tell you anyway.
You sound a bit stressed? What I did in that situation was to create a blog and then post my position on certain topics on that. Then if I got asked a second ot third time why I believed this or that I would refer them to a link to the appropriate page on my blog.
Maybe another good idea is to create a youtube video about whatever it is you want to say. Then once you have created the video you can post it here. Then for those that might read too fast, and miss what you said the first time, they could just replay your video a few times. That would make it easy for everyone.

I like to use final cut pro, or adobe for my videos. Both video editing programs have a lot of special effects that you could use, and will help to keep you from getting bored. Cheers mate!