Let's talk a bit about Thanksgiving meals

Jan 2, 2008
Let's talk a bit about Thanksgiving meals

I realize that Thanksgiving is basically an American holiday, but I thought it might be nice to talk a bit about what we serve and how we fix it. On my blog http://www.chatwithvera.blogspot.com, I have chatted a bit about how I fix the "stuffing" for our meal.

I usually fix enough for 20+ and hope I fix enough to go around. :smiley10: Anyway, the idea of how I fix it is given and you can take it from there.
Dec 5, 2008
very cool sis, I can never get my stuffing as good as my mom's.. shehas some secret she will not give, lol even though she say's "it's easy".... nope, it ain't. i like dry, bars of stuffing with loads of sage and chicken stock and cornbread,.. yum yum!!!!

kay, i do have a great way of fixing a ham though, well just a add on to it that is yummy. I like to add one can of coka cola tothe ham about an hour before it is finished. i also sprinkle some extra brown sugar nd dry mustard over the cola it is so good! It carmelizes up and really good stuff!

Oct 20, 2009
Yummy, I'm ready for Thanksgiving! For my dressing I start by making cornbread from scratch from my mom's recipe, and then I use her recipe for the rest of it. I didn't make it last year, but I may make it this year. I think my husband and I are going to my grandmother's house. I'm hoping she'll make the turkey. I've offered to make the dressing.