Life To Our Mortal Body

Rom.8:11-If the Spirit of Him that rose Christ from the dead dwells in you,He that rose Christ from the dead,will also give life to your mortal body,through His Spirit,that's in you.
The Holy Spirit has been given to us,for the revival of not just the soul but also,the body.
He is the channel of life;the scripture says,God gives life to our mortal body,through His Spirit.Inorderwords,until,the Holy Spirit,is in a body,such body,is dead,that is,sin reigns-For the wages of sin is death.But when the Holy Spirit,is upon a man,there is, the flow of life,from God,through the Spirit,to the body.
Certain wrongdoings,and ways of life,that used to feel just normal and pleasing,becomes what we don't want to be identified with,any longer,not only because our Christianity wouldn't permit them,but also because they are not just normal to do anymore.
So the Holy Spirit,is evident in a man,not only in His gift,(for the gift might not be evident,immediately,in some individuals) but also,in the life,He supplies,which is always immediately evident with the appearance of a new man with a living body,totally,different,from the old.


Sorry, but your words seems to be very dangerous and with very little biblical suppor but a lot of man thinking.
I trust ''No man'' me first but I do trust the fact that the Holy Spirit is with us, in us & quite able to look after the business of God, whether man get what he thinks is right or not.