I just took a look at our Lilac trees and they are budding. :(

Normally, that would be good news, but in February I know we have more frost on the way this year.
It's 70 degrees today.

I'm afraid we won't have any blooms this Spring. I also noticed that the Crocus and Irus are sticking their heads out as well. At least I can cover most of them at night. :)
My lilacs aren't budding yet but it's only 45 here. Someone said their daylilies were starting to poke through. I sure hope that means spring will be here soon, I'm about done with winter.


Stop ... stop you guys . We still are covered in snow and it is a bit warmer today but still winter. You guys are making me jealous. :jealous::jealous::jealous: It's -7C today . Don't know what that is in your temp .