Listerine as mosquito spray ?????

As long as I’m not painting my car or barbequing, I’m in good shape. :D

I also heard if you are out of brake fluid, it works good for that too.

God bless you Avon. :)


My old, old, old ex-wife used to buy that skin-so-soft stuff from Avon. Or was it feet-so-soft? Something like that. It used to keep the bugs away, too.

What was amazing? By accident, I got some of it on my gameboy one night (no kidding!) and when I went to wipe it off...the paint came right off!:eek:

Honestly, try it!

Bo - there really are smaller versions of bigfoot. They're called Stick Indians; our legends speak highly of them. These, I did see when I was a little boy. It was an amazing sight. My grandma told me that my life was going to be extraordinary. So far, she was right.:eek:


Hey wadda ya know. Skin-so-soft bursts into flames, too.:D
All joking aside Duran it is a big world and we are just starting to discover what God has placed here.
It's called a citronella plant..... Don't know if the spelling is right. Well I don't think burning candles would be my solution as what if I fell asleedp and the cats knocked over the candles. ?
Thanks! I knew it was something.

Well, maybe hanging ones...or those Glade no-flame candles. :cool:
I'm actually 'lergic to misquito bites. I get these huge awful welts. One time it bit me on my nose bridge and it swelled up! Mom thought I had a nose-job and thought it looked good.:eek:

Diseased little flying vampires. I hate them! I spit on them! *ptoo!*


We have several varieties here. The salt mash mosquito can leave a whelp the size of a half a dollar.
Just in case you forgot what they look like..... I hate when you go to bed and they buzz around your ear. We have to be careful here as many of them carry west nile virus and people have gotten really ill with that and some have died.

i would just go full strength as for the listerine bursting in to flam regular bug spray will do that aswell (i think it was pastor gary who mentioned that?) the one plus thing you dont have to really worry about getting it in your mouth or on food (though im sure the food wouldnt taste to good after getting listerine on it lol)